Practical tools to improve engagement, communication, trust and surface underlying psychological and organisational risks.

Observation and conversation in risk workshop

Learn skills in observation, questioning and how to listen for psychological and organisational hazards inherent in many serious safety incidents.

Risk iCue

We coach your team to improve engagement with practical Risk, Listening, Observation and Communication tools.

Engagement board

The Engagement Board allows your team to identify and visualise seemingly ‘hidden’ psychological and organisational hazards impacting safety performance.

Engagement Boards can be used in range of forums.


We help you understand the implicit beliefs, gut knowledge, values and norms that shape your culture and safety performance.

Alignment workshop

Develop a common understanding of your current culture and strategies needed to improve.

MiProfile culture survey

The unique MiProfile survey provides quantitative insight into the implicit beliefs (gut knowledge), core values, norms and influences that shape your workforce’s culture and safety performance.

iCue audit

The ICue audit is a qualitative cultural assessment highlighting: what is significant, leadership values, how language is used, what is important, artefacts, power and discourse, symbols and what they reinforce.

The audit is conducted through on-site observation and conversations against detailed cultural criteria.

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Consulting and support

WHS systems analysis

Immediate opportunities to improve your safety systems and culture.

Risk and culture roadmap

We provide you with an action plan to improve risk, culture and engagement.


We help your team apply advanced engagement skills and build trust and ownership.


We offer support services to help tackle your specific needs.

Lets discuss your needs