Welcome to Clarity Enabled.

We help you manage the hidden forces impacting your risk and safety programs.

Understand people. Better manage risk.

We coach your leaders and teams on how to surface psychological and organisational risks inherent in many serious workplace accidents. 

We help you build engagement, trust and ownership of risk.

We help you understand your culture and the seemingly hidden barriers to safety improvement.

Ready to be a leader in safety?

How we help

Training, tools and support to help your leaders and teams build engagement, trust and ownership.

How you benefit

Practical tools to surface psychological and organisational risks

Facilitate mature discussions about risk

Improve engagement, trust and ownership

Understand hidden barriers to safety performance

Improve understanding of how your team respond to risk and make decisions

Develop a deeper understanding of incident causation

Understand the trajectory of safety goals and processes

Put people back at the centre of your safety programs

What our customers say…


The programs allowed us to put people back at the centre of our safety programs. We have learnt more about our culture and the psychological and cultural elements of risk. Its lead to a huge shift in how we talk and engage about risk – helping us build trust.

Brian Darlington
Group Head of Safety and Health
Mondi Group


The programs have helped us better understand why we do what we do and work or home pressures affecting how people work.

It has enabled us to understand the social aspect – how we learn, how to engage and communicate better – enabling us to build a culture of verbal cross-checking to confirm understanding and ownership of risk.

Ben Armstrong
Group EHS Manager
Piety Group

What our customers say…


The programs allow you to unlock the social aspect of risk in an organisation.

It’s given us a powerful approach to better engage our people in mature conversations about risk and empower them to think, converse and make decisions.

We have enacted the tools and methods into our everyday tool set for managing risk.

It’s really suitable for other organisations with the mindset of wanting to take the next step.

Rob Cooper
Manager Operational Risk and Leadership
Queensland Sugar Limited